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The Ultimate Guide To Church Suppliers

The Ultimate Guide to Church Suppliers is The Church Network’s largest, most comprehensive guide ever. With over 70 chapters and a national membership in more than 60 faith groups, NACBA distributes The Guide
to church administrative leaders across the U.S and Canada. The Guide is both a powerful Web-based
source and desktop-resident source for church leaders.

The Guide is a powerful search engine that searches the Web sites of all companies represented in the
list. Therefore, searchers can easily locate products and services unique to the industry without the
clutter of a general Internet search. Within The Guide, two different methods of searching for products and services are available: either a keyword-driven, Google™-like search that Internet users have become accustomed to, or a category search by business type. With Google™ or Yahoo™ , your company’s listing is often lost among the millions of search results produced. But searching through The Guide presents relevant search results for pre-qualified, committed buyers. It has been created specifically for the purchasers of your
products or services.

The Guide offers your company:

  • A full-color in-column trademark display ad which zooms to a full page of information
  • Up to 250 words of text describing your company’s products or services
  • Listing in up to 10 categories  of products and services of your choosing
  • Priority placement by heading is available 
  • Active links to your company’s
  • Web site and an email contact